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Tom Delay is Going to Jail

by: DocJess

Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 03:05:33 AM EST

Sometimes justice is a long road. Yesterday, after years of court hearings, and 3 years after being found guilty, it looks like Tom Delay will actually be going to jail. Three years on the money movement count, but sadly, the 5 years for money laundering à la RICO, morphed into 10 years of community service. He'll be appealing again.

If you've been following things since The Hammer was indicted 8 years ago, you know that he has been devoid of contrition. He does not believe he did anything wrong. He's written a book entitled "No Retreat, No Surrender: One American's Fight." This is one of those cases where they got him on something, but he's guilty of SO VERY MUCH MORE...

Fun quote:

Lead prosecutor Gary Cobb repeatedly called attention to DeLay's defiance, asking the judge at one point if refusing to accept responsibility could properly be called a "conservative value."

"Conservative values . . . are supposed to include obeying the laws of the state and taking personal responsibility," Cobb said. If DeLay received only probation, Cobb warned the judge, he would "wear that probation" like Jesus and call himself a martyr.

A colleague, prosecutor Steve Brand, separately claimed at the hearing that probation would not only send the wrong message to other members of Congress, but would signal to working-class citizens that DeLay was treated lightly just because he wore "a suit and a tie." He said that DeLay's repeated claims in a recent memoir that he did nothing improper were "the equivalent of a 'screw you' to the system." (Emphasis mine)

I'm hoping he makes it to jail, and that Rick Perry doesn't pardon him. I think Tom will do very well in the prison system. He'll make friends, and probably organize the whole place. I'm hoping that turncoat Lieberman goes to visit him. Joe's got time now that he's out of politics for the rest of his life. Ah...2013 is starting nicely in the regard of two men who will never again be a part of the political system and make life difficult on the rest of us. 

DocJess :: Tom Delay is Going to Jail

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