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NOW We Can Welcome 2013

by: DocJess

Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 06:05:13 AM EST

It's been an exciting couple of days in government-land. Last night the House voted to accept the Senate bill. You may wonder whether your rep voted aye or nay. You can find out here. As a sad side note, John Lewis didn't vote as he was home in Georgia. Condolences on the loss of his wife of 45 years on New Year's Eve day.

Interestingly, none of the Republicans voted "Present" - they all took a stand. Those not voting were not in DC for various reasons, and it's a tiny number. Boehner and Ryan voted aye, and Cantor and Kevin McCarthy voted nay.

TOTALS257167 8

The question, for the debt ceiling, Sandy relief, and oh hell, all the rest of actual necessary legislation (which does NOT include naming post offices) is whether or not Boehner has crossed a Rubicon and is now ready to be Speaker of the HOUSE, as opposed to Speaker of the Republican Tebag faction. If so, the 113th will be a completely different place from the 112th.

Obama has said that he'd not doing the debt ceiling dance again this year, and I believe him. The 85 Republicans who voted for the Senate bill have already shown that they are willing to risk primaries from the right to do what's necessary. I don't have the same view of that threat as many others do: I believe that there are enough purple districts where voting far right will be more of a threat to those Republicans in the 2014 general then risking a primary threat could ever be. I believe that America has had ENOUGH of the nonsense, and that even the political non-combatants have been paying attention.

Please read this article, entitled What California Can Teach America About Stopping Extremist Obstruction. It's excellent, and lays out the steps necessary on the state level (with national implications) towards changing the system in ways to make elections more fair, and enable legislators to actually accomplish things. If you believe, as I do, that government can be a force for good, and that regular people can come to embrace that, this article presents a path forward. 

I am cautiously optimistic about what can happen this year.

DocJess :: NOW We Can Welcome 2013

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post office (0.00 / 0)
What's happening with the Post Office anyway?  The last I heard, some unreasonable regulation/law passed by Congress had caused them to be hugely in debt due to having to overfund benefits by a large amount.  I don't see anything on the web about what's happened since.

Kicking the Can (0.00 / 0)
And yet again, Congress, knowing for months what the deadline was, kicked the can down the road for another 2 months, so we have to go through the death marches all over again at the end of February.

Yes they voted - good for them, that's their job........

Yes they made the tax structure more stable by not making the tax rate adjustments temporary........

Sequester(sp) Cuts decision pushed out 2 months, will they actually make any? It's a toxic political battle coming over what can and can't be cut, by both Parties.........

Farm Bill pushed out for 8 months. Well, at least Congress won't force milk prices to double, yet..........

Call me skeptical on this. Yes they passed the tax portion, and some of that is good. And they did it in a non-partision way. But they didn't address the problem. They are not drawing in enough revenue to pay the bills on past legislation spending. Of, and the artificial Debt Ceiling. We already hit it, they are just doing creative accounting now for a couple months to shift debt around to keep the number at or under the ceiling........

Oh, and I think this vote last night, unseats Boehner. I think the Republican Caucus puts Cantor up for SotH seat. Will that push enough Moderate Republicans to vote for Pelosi for Speaker? I doubt it, but I think we will see a devided Republican House and more infighting that causes nothing to get done, until the 2014 election cycle.......

AW Emit... (0.00 / 0)
I agree with much of what you say but I think Boehner holds his Speaker position. If Cantor had the votes, there would have been amendments to the Senate bill -- plus, he doesn't want it. He's better positioned for what he wants to do by NOT being Speaker. Remember, he wants to destroy government.

[ Parent ]
Funny - (0.00 / 0)
- How those that want to destroy government, run for government offices or take government jobs...........

But it would be fun to be a fly during the caucus meeting on who the Republicans are going to put up for Speaker......

[ Parent ]




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