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Who Actually Won Last Night....

by: DocJess

Wed Apr 04, 2012 at 06:00:00 AM EDT

Think it was Mittens? Guess again. BARACK OBAMA! Our president won in three ways yesterday.

First, President Obama earned more votes yesterday than Mitt Romney. While that may not matter now, it will in November. Here are the numbers:

  • Obama DC votes: 51,394 (98.1%)
  • Romney DC votes: 3,122 (70.2%)
  • Obama MD votes: 275,281 (88.4%)
  • Romney MD votes: 116,922 (49.1%)
  • Obama WI votes: 284,866 (98.2%)
  • Romney WI votes: 305,740 (42.5%)
  • Obama total votes: 611,541
  • Romney total votes: 425,784

Wow! In a year with no actual competitors, and guaranteed the nomination, 50% MORE voters turned out for President Obama. That's right, all those Democrats could have stayed home and Obama would still be assured the nomination, and yet, out they came.

The second way in which President Obama won yesterday is that he didn't break the law. As opposed to Mittens and his traveling companion, Paul Ryan, who in violation of Wisconsin law, handed out sandwiches. In Wisconsin, you can't give a voter anything worth more than a dollar to get him to vote. Details about the incident and the filed complaint here. Ryan should have known better: he's from Wisconsin, he's run for election multiple times, and before being elected, he worked on other candidate's campaigns. It's a pretty simple thing: don't buy votes. Now granted, this is allowed, even encouraged in some places. Take the Iowa straw poll, where you can't get votes without buying them for the most part. Or Philadelphia, where walking-around-money is a long-honoured tradition. But this is Wisconsin, and they like their elections clean. As an aside, while the smart money is on Marco Rubio for veep, Ryan is certainly in the mix. And what a dream that would be: running against someone who very clearly wants to do away with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all programs for the poor. Talk about drawing a line in the sand.

And finally, yesterday was President Obama's day because of the speech he made to the AP gathering. In it, he called out Mitt Romney, as well as Paul Ryan specifically for his budget. It is the first true speech of the re-election campaign. Some quotes are below, and you can read the full transcript here.

Whoever he may be, the next president will inherit an economy that is recovering, but not yet recovered from the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression.

Too many Americans will still be looking for a job that pays enough to cover their bills or their mortgage. Too many citizens will still lack the sort of financial security that started slipping away years before this recession hit. [...]

As much as we might associate the G.I. Bill with Franklin Roosevelt or Medicare with Lyndon Johnson it was a Republican, Lincoln, who launched the Transcontinental Railroad, the National Academy of Sciences, land grant colleges.

It was Eisenhower who launched the Interstate Highway System and new investment in scientific research. It was Richard Nixon who created the Environmental Protection Agency, Ronald Reagan who worked with Democrats to save Social Security.

It was George W. Bush who added prescription drug coverage to Medicare. What leaders in both parties have traditionally understood is that these investments aren’t part of some scheme to redistribute wealth from one group to another.

They are expressions of the fact that we are one nation. These investments benefit us all. They contribute to genuine durable economic growth. Show me a business leader who wouldn’t profit if more Americans could afford to get the skills and education that today’s jobs require. Ask any company where they’d rather locate and hire workers, a country with crumbling roads and bridges or one that’s committed to high-speed Internet and high-speed development.

It doesn’t make us weaker when we guarantee basic security for the elderly or the sick or those who are actively looking for work. What makes us weaker is when fewer and fewer people can afford to buy the goods and services our businesses sell. [...]

One of my potential opponents, Governor Romney, has said that he hoped a similar version of this plan from last year would be introduced as a bill on day one of his presidency. He said that he’s very supportive of this new budget. And he even called it “marvelous,” which is a word you don’t often hear when it comes to describing a budget. It’s a word you don’t often hear generally. [...]

This new House Republican budget, however, breaks our bipartisan agreement and proposes massive new cuts in annual domestic spending. Exactly the area where we’ve already cut the most. And I want to actually go through what it would mean for our country if these cuts were to be spread out evenly. So bear with me. I want to go through this because I don’t think people fully appreciate the nature of this budget.

The year after next, nearly 10 million college students would see their financial aid cut by an average of more than $1,000 each. There would be 1,600 fewer medical grants. Research grants for things likes Alzheimer’s and cancer and AIDS. There would be 4,000 fewer scientific research grants, eliminating support for 48,000 researchers, students and teachers. (Obama goes on to detail additional cuts and to point out that if the Ryan budget becomes law, by the middle of the century there will be NO money for anything other than the pittance left to entitlements, defense and the debt.)

And so the campaign begins in earnest. 

DocJess :: Who Actually Won Last Night....

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I think Rubio would have to take himself out. (0.00 / 0)
Bit he is a tea party hater and a big liar to boot. Not sure Ryan would help the dems a lot more. Wonder if either state requires a candidate to resign




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