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2012 GOP Superdelegate Endorsement List

by: Oreo

Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 20:13:02 PM EDT

We will track all of the 2012 Republican Superdelegates (officially known as Automatic Delegates) and list who they currently are endorsing for the nomination. We will also track any changes in endorsements as they occur. We will only post endorsements that can be proven by a link. Word of mouth does not work for us.

Each state, and American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands all have three superdelegates, except as follows:

Superdelegates from the following states: AZ, DE, FL, GA, ID, KS, MD, MI, NC, ND, NH, NJ, NV, SC, UT, VT and WI are bound by their state's results, and therefore are not included in the list. Their names can be found in a separate table after the break. This leaves a total of 117 GOP superdelegates,

If you have information on any endorsements, please leave a comment or email us

See also the Ultimate Republican Nomination Info Chart, the list of GOP Unbound Delegates, and the list of pledged delegates. See also the Dec 2011 GOP Delegate Allocation document.


2/8: AP says Romney has a 2nd superdelegate from MS, Jeanne Luckey. AP and CNN says Gingrich has a superdelegate in NE (Ricketts seems the most likely candidate. It is not De Carlson)
2/11: CNN says Romney has a 2nd delegate from DC.
3/2: The AP reports the superdelegate count as follows: Romney 23, Gingrich 4, Santorum 2, Paul 2. The AP's extra superdelegates are as follows: Romney VI: 2, RI: 1, MS: 1, DC: 1. Gingrich: NE: 1. Paul: OK: 1. Updated 4/18.
3/10: We're looking closely at Robert Kabel DC and Jeanne Luckey MS, but would like to see a quote from them with an endorsement.

Ron Paul - 1
Newt Gingrich -2
Mitt Romney -54
Rick Santorum -1
AJ Spiker IA
Jeff Johnson MN
Lawrence Kadish

Betty Fine Collins AL
Paul Reynolds AL
Bill Armistead AL
Reta Hamilton
Jonathan Barnett AR
Te'o Fuavai AS
Victor Tofaeono AS
Amata Radewagen AS

Linda Ackerman CA
Lily Nunez CO
Mike Kopp CO
Ryan Call CO
Jerry Labriola Jr. CT
Betsy Werronen DC
Jesus Torres GU
Peter Ada GU
Donna Jones GU
Patrick Brady IL
Richard Williamson IL
Demetra DeMonte IL
Dee Dee Benkie IN
James Bopp Jr IN
Richard Bennett
Jan Staples ME
Bob Maginn MA
Ron Kaufman MA
Kerry Healey MA
Henry Barbour MS
Errol Galt MT
Gov. Benigno R. Fitial NMI
Bo Palacios NMI
Viola Alepuyo NMI
Ed Cox NY
Jennifer Saul NY
Solomon Yue OR
Allen Alley OR
Donna Cain OR
Robert Asher
Zori Fonalledas PR
Luis Fortuno PR
Carlos Mendez PR
Joseph Trillo
Mark Zaccaria RI
Carol Mumford RI
Mary Jean Jensen SD
Peggy Lambert TN
John Ryder TN
Herbert Schoenbohm VI
Holland Redfield II VI
Lilliana Belardo De O'Neal VI
Donna Lou Gosney WV
Jim Reed WV
Conrad Lucas WV
Greg Schaefer WY

Kim Lehman IA


Undecided/Unannounced Superdelegates

Debbie Joslin
Randy Ruedrich
Ralph Seekins

Doyle Webb

Tom Del Beccaro
Shawn Steel

Mike Kopp
Ryan Call

John Frey
Pat Longo

District of Columbia
Robert Kabel
Anthony Parker (RNC

Miriam Hellreich
David Chang
Ted Liu

Eric Holcomb

Steve Scheffler

Robert "Mike" Duncan
Steve Robertson
Gail Russell

Ross Little Jr
Roger Villere Jr
Lenar Whitney

Charlie Webster

Pat Anderson
Pat Shortridge

Jeanne Luckey
Joe Nosef

Lance Beshore
David Cole
Ann Dickinson

William Deschamps
Betti Hill

De Carlson
Mark Fahleson
Pete Ricketts

New Mexico
Monty Newman
Pat Rogers
Rosalind Tripp

Robert Bennett
Jo Ann Davidson

James Dunn
Carolyn McLarty
Matt Pinnell

Allen Alley
Donna Cain

Robert Gleason Jr
Christine Torett

South Dakota
Dana Randall
Tim Rave

Chris Devaney

Steve Munisteri
Bill Crocker
Borah Van Dormolen

Morton Blackwell
Pat Mullins
Kathy Terry

Jeff Kent
Fredi Simpson
Kirby Wilbur

West Virginia

Tammy Hooper
Jan Larimer


9/1/2011 - Deleted Florida Republican Party Chairman Dave Bitner, who is resigning Sep 23 for health reasons.

8/16/2011 - Added Betsy Werronen of DC for Romney. Her Twitter account shows that she's a supporter.
 - Rick Perry is on the board with an endorsement from Henry Barbour. Along with the above link his Twitter shows strong support for Perry.

9/1/2011 - Florida Chair Dave Bitner was removed after resigning

9/2/2011 - NH Chair Jack Kimball was removed after resigning

9/20/11 - Jennifer Nassour will step down as Chair of MA GOP on 10/28. Expecting a child in February.

9/23/11 - Thad McCotter drops out of the race. He had no endorsements.

9/24/11 - Added for Romney: Saul Anuzis-MI, Joyce Terhes-MD, Rick Bennett-ME, Jan Staples-ME, Zoraida Fonalledas-PR. We're also keeping an eye on TX Committeewoman Borah Van Dormolen, who sent an email to the RNC on Perry's behalf, but we still don't see an official endorsement. Lenny Curry is the new chairman in FL, and has been added to the list.

9/30/11 - Added Wayne McDonald as the new Chair of the NH GOP.

10/11/11 - Added Paul Senft and Reta Hamilton for Perry.

10/27/11 - Added Laird Stabler-DE for Romney,

12/1/11 - Added Bob Maginn as the new MA Chair.He is a strong Romney supporter.

- Added CT GOP Chair Chris Healy for Perry. He tweeted that he's a Perry supporter back in October.

12/5/11 - Removed Herman Cain as a candidate.
- Removed Tony Sutton from Minnesota. He resigned as chair.

12/6/11 - Added Donna Gosney and Jim Reed (WV) for Romney.

12/9/11 - Added Bob Asher PA for Romney.

12/15/11 - Added Sam Raia NJ and Virginia Haines NJ for Romney

12/26/11 - Removed the following state's superdelegates, as the state's delegates will all be allocated according to votes: AZ, DE, FL, KS, MI, MO, NH, NJ, NV, SC, VT. This decreased Romney's count by 5, and Perry's count by 1.

1/3/12 - Replaced Perry supporter Chris Healy (CT) with Jerry Labriola Jr., who took over as chairman of the CT GOP state party in June. This reduces Perry's count to 2.

1/4/12 - Removed Michelle Bachmann as a candidate after she ended her campaign. She had no endorsements.

1/9/12 - Texas GOP Chair Steve Munisteri has been added for Rick Perry. A radio interview from 8/16/11 voices his support in the last 2 minutes of the interview.

1/10/12 - Removed Ken McKay as Chairman of Rhode Island GOP. He stepped down in November.
- Added Mark Zaccaria as the new chair of Rhode Island.
- Added Richard Williamson from IL for Romney. According to Romney's website, Williamson endorsed in November. Here is a bio on Williamson that shows it's the same person.
- Added Pat Shortridge who is the new chair of the Minnesota GOP. Haven't found an endorsement yet but he's definitely not for Romney.

1/19/12 - Rick Perry drops out of the race and endorses Gingrich. Perry had three superdelegates. Henry Barbour MS, Reta Hamilton AR, Steve Munisteri TX are now up for grabs.
- Barbour switches to Romney

1/20/12 - Added Lawrence Kadish NY for Gingrich, and Herbert Schoenbohm VI for Romney

1/21/12 - Added Mark Zaccaria for Romney.

1/27/12 - Added Luis Fortuno PR for Romney

1/30/12 - Removed ID, MD, NC, TX and UT from state list. 2 Romney delegates from MD also removed.

2/2/12 - Added Carlos Mendez PR for Gingrich

2/3/12 - Added Jeff Johnson MN for Gingrich.

2/6/12 - Added Greg Schaefer WY for Romney. Updated superdelegates from NMI.

2/7/12 - Added James Bopp Jr IN for Romney.

2/8/12 - Added Pat Brady IL for Romney.

2/11/12 - Added new IA GOP chairman AJ Spiker for Paul.

2/13/12 - Added TX superdelegates back to the list

2/21/12 - Added MO and VT superdelegates back to the list.

2/28/12 - Vermont's RNC Delegates are bound to the first ballot according to State Committeewoman Susie Hudson. Hudson and Schiavone have endorsed Romney.

3/3/12 - Added Betty Fine Collins AL for Santorum.

3/6/12 - Added Errol Galt MT for Romney

3/7/12 - Remove ND superdelegates from the list.

3/9/12 - Added Fitial NMI for Romney. Added Redfield VI for Romney. Romney gets all 3 supers from Guam.

3/10/12 - Added Bo Palacios and Viola Alepuyo NMI for Romney. Added Lilliana Belardo De O'Neal for Romney.

3/14/12 - Romney wins all 3 superdelegates from American Samoa.

3/15/12 - Added Dee Dee Benkie of Indiana for Romney

3/21/12 - Moved Carlos Mendez PR from Gingrich to Romney

4/4/12 - Removed WI superdelegates from the list

4/7/12 - Added new superdelegate Kerry Healey (replacing Jody Dow as MA committeewoman) for Romney

4/9/12 - Added Mike Stuart WV for Romney. And then Stuart quits.

4/11/12 - Added Ed Cox NY for Romney.
4/12/12 - Added Jennifer Saul NY for Romney
4/16/12 - Added Lily Nunez CO, Jerry Labriola Jr. CT,  for Romney
4/18/12 - Finally got confirmation of Carol Mumford RI for Romney
4/20/12 - Added Demetra DeMonte IL, Peggy Lambert TN, John Ryder TN, Solomon Yue OR, Reta Hamilton AR for Romney
5/4/12 - Moved Betty Fine Collins AL from Santorum to Romney. Added Paul Reynolds AL for Romney. Added Mary Jean Jensen SD for Romney. Dana Randall and Tim Rave will support the winner of the SD primary on June 5.
5/6/12 - Added Jonathan Barnett AR, Bill Armistead AL for Romney
5/16/12 - Added Allen Alley OR, Donna Cain OR for Romney
5/17/12 - Added new WV GOP Chairman Conrad Stuart for Romney. He was already a pledged Romney delegate. Added Linda Ackerman CA for Romney.
5/29/12 Added Mike Kopp CO, Ryan Call CO for Romney.

You may not copy or reproduce this list without written consent from Democratic Convention Watch.

© 2012 by Democratic Convention Watch

Oreo :: 2012 GOP Superdelegate Endorsement List

Superdelegates which have been removed from the above table as their votes are bound by the primary results:

No longer Superdelegates

Bruce Ash
Sharon Giese
Tom Morrissey

W Laird Stabler DE (Rom)
John Sigler
Seth Wimer

Lenny Curry
Sharon Day
Paul Senft, Jr. FL (Perry)

Sue Everhart
Linda Herren
Alec Poitevint

Cindy Moyle
Norm Semanko
Damond Watkins 

Amanda Adkins
Helen Van Etten
Todd Tiahrt (Sant)

Alex Mooney
Louis Pope
Joyce Terhes(Rom)

Bobby Schostak
Holly Hughes (Rm)
Saul Anuzis (Rom)

Mark Amodei
Gov Robert List
Heidi Smith

New Hampshire
Steve Duprey
Wayne McDonald
Phyllis Woods

New Jersey
Bill Palatucci
Sam Raia NJ (Rom)
Virginia Haines NJ (Rm)

North Carolina
Ada Fisher
Robin Hayes
David Lewis

North Dakota
Stan Stein
Sandy Boehler (Rom)
Curly Haugland

South Carolina
Chad Connelly
Cindy Costa (Rom)
Glenn McCall

Bruce Hough
Enid Mickelsen
Thomas Wright

Susie Hudson
Jack Lindley
George Schiavone

Mary Buestrin
Brad Courtney
Steve King


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Rules? (0.00 / 0)

Do we know all of the state rules yet?

I know in 2008 some of the states, including Missouri, required the automatic delegates to vote for the state winner while others treated the automatic delegates as free agents.

Yes, we have some research to do... (0.00 / 0)

[ Parent ]
And we have our first add (0.00 / 0)
Joe Trillo - RI - for Romney

North Dakota (0.00 / 0)
North Dakota elected Curly Haugland and Sandy Boehler as the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman.

This article states that Sandy Boehler supports Romney:

I think that the North Dakota superdelegates should be on the top list rather than the bottom since they are unbound.

Thanks for humoring me!

ND is strange (0.00 / 0)
Yes, the supers are unbound, but:

North Dakota's delegates ... shall caucus ... to discuss voluntarily apportioning delegate representation on the first ballot to reflect the results of the Presidential Caucus.

In other words, the caucus can vote to self-bind themselves however they want, and if they do, the supers are a little less super.

We're following GreenPapers and the AP's lead on this one, and not counting them as true superdelegates.

[ Parent ]
North Dakota (0.00 / 0)
Thanks. That makes sense.

[ Parent ]
North Dakota (0.00 / 0)
First, I would like to say that I understand and appreciate your explanation that the delegates in North Dakota may decide to self bind according to the caucus results, thus rendering them bound and no longer superdelegates.

However, now that Santorum and Gingrich have dropped out, I think it is highly unlikely that this would occur. What do you think?

If you agree with me, then ND should be moved back up to the superdelegate section. I understand if you would prefer to wait for some kind of verification before doing that.


Any of the supers voting (0.00 / 0)
for anyone but Romney would be highly unlikely at this point.

But we don't like to predict what the ND superdelegates might or might not do. Bottom line, because they can self-bind, they're not true superdelegates.

[ Parent ]
North Dakota (0.00 / 0)
Okay. I understand. Thanks for the great list!

[ Parent ]




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