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Who Drives What?

by: DocJess

Tue Feb 24, 2009 at 04:57:14 AM EST

The Detroit News is reporting:

Among the eight members named Friday to the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry and the 10 senior policy aides who will assist them in their work, two own American models. Add the Treasury Department's special adviser to the task force and the total jumps to three.

Now that's interesting.  If you click the link, you can see the whole list of specific makes and models, and the names of those team members who don't own a car. (Interestingly, the non-car-owners are Carol Browner and Stephen Chu.) These are the people charged with evaluating the GM and Chrylser bailout plans. Do you think that ownership of foreign cars, or the choice to not own a car, both personal choices, will impact these folks ability to be dispassionate in their considerations? 

I'm not sure. I'd like to believe that if I were on the Task Force,  I would work very hard to inhale all of the information, ask the right questions, and endeavor to balance the needs of America in general with those of the workers, the stockholders, and the companies themselves. I would like to believe that I would be 100% completely objective. But somewhere in the back of my mind would be the knowledge that there is a reason I've never bought an American car in my decades of car buying. My understanding that Detroit has never made a car that would "fit" me - I need to be able to see over the steering wheel, and have my feet reach the pedals, and that's not Detroit's strong suit. I've bought little cars not only because they are more comfortable for me, but because they get good mileage (which I've cared about even when gas was cheap). In the interest of full disclosure, I currently drive a 2008 Honda Fit. 

What about you? 

DocJess :: Who Drives What?

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Who Drives What? | 4 comments
i drive one of each (0.00 / 0)
dodge caravan and a hyundia elantra. of course i used to have a nissan pick up, built in tennessee, and before that a chevy tracker which was built in japan. i am thinking about buying a chevy aveo, which is really made by daewoo in south korea....

mostly, i have driven imports of one sort or another.

Affecting the results (0.00 / 0)
I think there is some effect on the viewpoint depending on what car, if any, a taskforce member drives. But that's true in either direction: someone who owns a GM car will have a different reaction to, say, their make being discontinued than someone who doesn't own a car at all.

The solution is to have a mix, which is what the task force has. I like the mix in the Detroit news article: some American, some luxury, some economy, some green, some none, some new, some creakily old, one (two?) vintage.  

American Built all the way (0.00 / 0)
I have never owned anything but an American auto. Granted, the Plymouth Voyager we owned was assembled in Canada, but that is still North America.

Who Drives What? | 4 comments




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