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Ho-Ho-Holiday Politics

by: DocJess

Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 06:31:24 AM EST

Let's start with snark. Renier Diaz de la Portilla lost a Florida race in August to be a state assemblyman. However, he won the election to be a state committeeperson from Miami-Dade County. This matters going forward in terms of who ends up controlling the state assembly and the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). Here's where it gets ugly - the RPOF won't seat Diaz because they say he didn't sign a loyalty oath. You can read the oath here. As Republican cr*p goes, it's not too terrible, although the discussion of loyalty oaths is one where I say NO! And I point out that we don't have them...better to instill loyalty by actually representing ideals worth believing in, but I digress.

Anyway, Diaz DID file the loyalty oath. You can see a copy here. But the RPOF believes that they control election outcomes, and well, you know the drill. Everyone is going to court. Ho-ho-ho.

On to Pennsylvania. The good news is that Corbett might be the first one-term governor since Pennsylvania governors have been allowed to serve two terms. Since that point, every single elected governor has served his two terms. But things are looking pretty bad for Tom. First, Kathleen Kane was elected Attorney General, and made as part of her campaign a commitment to investigate the $640,000 Corbett took when he was AG from Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile for Corbett's gubernatorial race and then somehow didn't investigate the filed charges of pedophilia against Jerry. Second, Corbett is about to sell the Pennsylvania Lottery to a group of Brits. Really. The idea is not going over well. Third, it appears that Rob McCord might be willing to run against Tom in 2014. Don't know him? He's serving his second term as PA State Treasurer. Interesting profile of him here.  Finally, he's underwater on his favourable/unfavourables, and polls losing to a generic Democrat. People are still up in arms over not only Sandusky, but Corbett's decimation of the education budgets (it now costs less to spend a year at Harvard than one at Penn State, and the lower grades are even worse), and the rescinding of funds for AIDS victims, victims of domestic violence, and addicts. A happy ho-ho-ho.

And finally, we have the fiscal cliff. I read and watch the news everyday, and I just don't get it. The best analogy I can come up with, relative to the Republicans' position is when I have to give my puppy Fiona a bath. Now, Fiona often needs a bath because she likes to roll in dead things, and she traipses over hill and dale and comes home covered with burrs, sticks, and all sorts of stuff. She also has a propensity to lay down in a favourite mud puddle. She hates that she ends up smelling like chamomile and lavender, she hates the IDEA of being in the tub. She also knows she **IS** going to get a bath. Still, I have to chase her around the house, carry her up the stairs, and plop her in the tub. Once she's in the tub, she remembers she LIKES water, and she's fine with the whole process. Basically, if she'd just jump in the bathtub at the start, it would be a quicker process, and she could get back to chewing on bones, playing with squeak toys, and chasing her ball. But she feels the need to protest, and fight, and look at me with sad puppy-dog eyes. 

The Republicans are going to have to vote to raise tax rates on those making more than $250,000/year. They are going to have to vote to raise the debt ceiling. They are NOT going to get a rise in the Medicare age, as that is not only a hit on the economy, but ends up costing more money all the way around. They are likely going to have to give on some defense spending, and they are not going to get anywhere near the spending cuts they want in other areas, because they lost the election. If they would just "get in the tub" they could go home for Christmas. Ho-ho-ho. Idiots.

DocJess :: Ho-Ho-Holiday Politics

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