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Hey #GOP: Where's MY Right to Personhood?

by: DocJess

Thu Dec 29, 2011 at 06:03:38 AM EST

The loons over at the "personhood" movement start with this:

Personhood is the cultural and legal recognition of the equal and unalienable rights of human beings.

After that, and under pictures of the 4 GOP presidential contenders who've signed on, they continue on to ONLY be concerned with those "human beings" who are not yet born. And possibly never will be. 

These non-science types talk about the fertilization of one egg by one sperm and call it a "person". Unsurprisingly, since science means nothing to them, they are seemingly unaware that about 2/3 of fertilized eggs do not implant in the uterus and go on to become an embryo, and then about a third of those successful embryos spontaneously abort. "Spontaneous abortion" is another term for "miscarriage." So if a woman has sex and one of her eggs is fertilized and never implants, she's technically guilty under the personhood proposal. The father is possibly a co-conspirator under felony murder statutes. At least, that's what a solid reading of their nonsense indicates. To most of us regular people, it's less a planned crime, and either love for one another, or a testament to the functionality of alcohol.

That's not even discussing the issues with IVF: most of those initial fertilizations don't lead to live births. So medicine shouldn't even try to help childless couples? Nor the issue of IUDs. morning after pills, and some birth control pills.

And then there's the issue of no abortion under any circumstances attached to this proposal. Never?  Think about it: a fetus has more rights than a live woman. Rights that fetus loses if she is borne. Really? This cannot make sense to any reasonable person.

Do we put women in jail who have miscarriages at 8 weeks? What about a woman who is driving, hit by a truck that ran a red light, and loses the baby. Who's going to jail? The truck driver, the woman, or both?

This personhood thing didn't even sell in Mississippi. No insult to Mississippi, but they're not even well-educated compared to the rest of the country, as the stats show.  I bring that last point up not to insult those who live in Mississippi, but to show that this is so insane that you don't need to be well-educated to understand its folly. 

There are reasonable people who think abortion is a bad idea. Most of them, however, are fans of birth control, and support the right of women to have abortions in the cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. Even those of us who are completely pro-choice believe that abortion should be rare. SERIOUSLY SAFE, but rare.

My theory on the personhood idea is that the people pushing it are of two types: men who want women to be chattle. Uneducated, unthinking, and good only for sex when the men want it, however they want it, and back to barefoot and pregnant. The second type are those women who are already so under the thumb of domineering men that they are no longer capable of independent thought. What woman would EVER want a man to completely dictate what she can and cannot do? 

As we go into 2012, this is an issue you should read up on and use to inform anyone who would consider voting Republican. About 50% of all Americans are women. If you know a female Republican, ask them how they can possibly vote for people who support this. 

DocJess :: Hey #GOP: Where's MY Right to Personhood?

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More Complexities (0.00 / 0)

Putting aside that personhood for an embryo would arguably prohibit freezing embryos for later implantation without the consent of the embryo (pro-lifers really try to avoid talking about IVF), lets expand what legal status would mean for an embryo (especially a frozen IVF embryo).

Should they get social security dependent's benefits if one of the "donor" parents dies?

What about their right to inherit from a "donor" parent?

If they do have inheritance rights, do they have to be specifically served in a probate case or can they be lumped in with unknown heirs.

Who gets to manage their rights to social security and any property that they do inherit?

Who gets guardianship over the unborn frozen embryo (and with it potentially the right to have the embryo transferred to a differnt IVF facility or to have it implanted)? 




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