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Department of Justice Confirmation List

by: Oreo

Thu Jan 22, 2009 at 20:11:18 PM EST

DemConWatch will be keeping track of all of the major staff announcements in the Obama Administration. We'll list the Position, Nominee, Committee and Hearing and Vote Information.

The following table lists all positions in the Department of Justice that require Senate Confirmation. You can see the rest of the confirmation lists here.

Information has been gathered from the Plum Book as well as several other government sites. The positions addressed in this list are marked as PAS in the Plum Book.

The latest updates can always be found on our Presidential Appointment Updates post.

Position NomineeCommitteeHearing StatusVote Status  
Deputy Attorney General David Ogden Judiciary
2/5/09 (14-5 2/26) 3/12 (66-26)   
Asst Attorney General, Criminal Division Lanny Breuer
Asst Attorney General, National Security Division David Kris
 2/25/09 TBD  
Asst Attorney General, Office of Legislative Affairs Ronald Weich TBD TBD  
Asst Attorney General, Office of Legal Council Dawn Johnsen 2/25/09 TBD  
Asst Attorney General, Office of Legal Policy TBA TBD TBD  
Chairman, US Parole Commission TBA TBD TBD  
Vice Chairman, US Parole CommissionTBA TBD TBD  
Parole Commissioner, US Parole CommissionTBA TBD TBD  
Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli
 2/10/09 3/12 (72-20)  
Asst Attorney General, Antitrust Division Christine Varney
Asst Attorney General, Civil Division Tony West
Asst Attorney General, Civil Rights Division Tom Perez
Asst Attorney General, Environment & Natural Resources Division TBA TBD TBD  
Asst Attorney General, Tax Division TBA TBD TBD  
Director, Bureau of Justice Statistics TBA TBD TBD  
Director, Bureau of Justice AssistanceTBA TBD TBD  
Director, National Institute of Justice TBA TBD TBD  
Administrator, Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention TBA TBD TBD  
Director, Office for Victims of Crime TBA TBD TBD  
Director, Community Relations Service TBA TBD TBD  
Chairman, Foreign Claims Settlement Commission TBA TBD TBD  
Member, Foreign Claims Settlement CommissionTBA TBD TBD  
Director, Office of Violence Against Women TBA TBD TBD  
Solicitor General Elena Kagan 2/10/09 3/19/09 (61-31)
Inspector General TBA TBD TBD  
Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations Robert Mueller Expires 9/3/11 N/A N/A  
Administrator, Drug Enforcement Agency TBA TBD TBD  
Deputy Administrator, Drug Enforcement AgencyTBA TBD TBD  
Director, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives TBA TBD TBD  
Director, US Marshals TBA TBD TBD  
Last updated: 3/19/09
Oreo :: Department of Justice Confirmation List

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